Monday, October 13, 2008

So, it's day three of the long weekend, well into the afternoon, and I haven't done much of anything, to be honest. I'm either sick due to something being passed around at the daycare, or from the wonderful female monthly experience. Either way, I've been on the down low! It always seems to happen that way: have some long-awaited time off, then come down with something. I'm not overly sick, but just icky enough to not be able to really do anything that requires much effort. I have very little appetite either, which is not convenient when it's Thanksgiving weekend and there is turkey to be eaten!

My dad has gone to Kingston, Ontario for the weekend, did I mention that? Alone, on the bus. Yes, he is a very determined man. I am happy that is starting to gain his independence back, but still, I feel like a worried mother watching her little one going off into the world. Bizarre how that works... anyways, I think it's done everyone some good to have a little time apart. I hope he's having a good time. He's visiting an old friend, and I know he's in good hands.

My photos have not been that great, I'm afraid, but what can you do? I'm hoping to come up with some better stuff in the coming days... we shall see. Anyway, here are Sunday's photos:

We played RockBand 2 for the first time together!

Cindy and the evil kitty Baby.

And these are Saturday's photos:

Hockey night in Canada!

Patrick sleeping on my couch, how cute and snugly :) He may kill me for posting this picture.
I'll be taking lots more pictures tonight during our Thanksgiving dinner, which I really hope that I am well enough to eat.

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Claude said...

Fun that you took a pic of the hockey game!

Hope you feel better!