Monday, July 27, 2009

Hmm.. Monday afternoon, weird weather going on - one minute it's sunny and hot, the next it looks as though a giant storm is about to break, but never does. I opted for drying clothes in the dryer just to be on the safe side.

In between working in daycare (with only two kiddies) and going to the gym, I am amusing myself by checking prices of condos in Myrtle beach, my mother's latest vacation "hot spot" idea. I say this because for the past 2 weeks or more she has been checking deals of all sorts for a trip, but has yet to make up her mind on what she wants. Now she says that all the trips down South (as in Caribbean) are gone, so she's left with the idea of a southern US getaway near the ocean. I am more open to this sort of thing seeing as it would cost considerably less money and would be for less time. It's probably more of a fantasy than reality, but we shall see what transpires...

As promised yesterday, I figured it was about time to take some photos of layouts that I made over the last few months but have been either too lazy or too busy to bother with. This one is about an inside joke that Julie and I had in high school - don't ask, it's bizarro world and I'm not even sure I understand why it was so funny at the time. You can click the photo bigger if you're really curious to read what it's about. I made this page when I was going through a phase of not feeling like using actual photos as the story felt more important. I just printed the movie cover of Mr. Holland's Opus and went with it, and am fairly happy with the result.

Pat's move update: all the "stuff" is transported but it will still take some time to get all the boxes unpacked. He had a LOT of stuff. We threw out and donated a good 5-8 garbage bags full, on top of the 5-8 bags of good clothing that he brought with him. That's not including all the small-t0-medium sized boxes that he brought with him or to my place for storage. I am proud of him for finally deciding to cut back and move on!! It was a huge job but we did it in very good timing I must say. It's going to be an adjustment, but it's so worth it and for the best.

Anyways, I'm off, cheers homies.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hmm... been a while and lots has transpired since the last blog post. Pat is moving (or rather, has mostly moved) out with his pal Dave. Yay! It's been a long time coming and I think that the two of them in their "bachelor bad" will get along great and it will be good for them.

So ya, I've been carrying boxes and such up four flights of stairs for the last few days, which is doing wonders for my butt, back and arms, let me tell you! I don't know how the men did it lifting all the bureaus and 42 inch plasma... ouch! But it's all getting done and soon will be the fun job, or at least for me: decorating!!!

Anyways, I've gotta go get ready to help out some more. Hope you're having a great weekend despite the rain today :)

Cheers, and I will be back with some new layouts soon-ish, promise.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Yesterday was my friend Tania's wedding. I went to McGill with Tania and we became close after taking several classes together, then having stage together. Later on, we even worked together in the grade one class I was teaching for a few months. She is a great person - and I mean that in every way possible! I am so happy for her and Matthew. She actually toughed out living without him for over a year when he excepted a job in San Francisco, working for Apple. I really don't know they did it, I think I would go crazy. But now finally, they can be together again. She is going to live with him very shortly, after the honeymoon and all. Well, it's more like "visiting" until the green card is actually approved, which is a very long, complicated process, or so I've heard.

In any case, they had a gorgeous wedding - very posh. We were very well-treated, and I'm so happy that the weather held out and it was actually sunny, shock! I've never been to a Greek-Orthodox ceremony before, so that was pretty interesting. I didn't realize there were so many rituals and such. Even all the dances at the reception were so fascinating to watch. Overall, we had a great time, and I got to catch up with my other school friends Audrey and Mallory. Here are some pictures from the event:

Well, hope you're all having a great weekend... I'm taking it very easy today, seeing as how I only woke up at noon with an intense "blah" feeling. Not complaining, though. Just relaxing and hopefully going to do a bit of scrapping, if I can get inspired. Cheers!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy birthday Dad! Not the best picture, but you get the idea.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

What a beautiful morning we're having here, which is very much appreciated after all the rain yesterday. We're celebrating my dad's 60th birthday today. I hope we are able to eat on the deck outside. We haven't been lucky yet this year (it's rained every time we've had guests over).

Lately I've been scanning old photos that I've found in various albums and boxes around my grandmother's house. It's always like opening a present when I sift through them all and realize how cool it is to see all my ancestors in their younger phases... I'm hoping to get some of these stories down in the form of scrapbooking.

My maternal grandfather on a boat, I think on his honeymoon.

My maternal grandmother and her father.

My nanny at the beach... possibly one of my favorite photos of all time.

The Wallace cousins (on my mother's side). Cand you guess which one is my mother?

I love these old photos and the glimpse they give you into another time. They are so romantic and perfect and I'm lucky to have access to them at all... okay, I'm getting all nostalgic and sappy about it. But, no, seriously, pretty cool, right? Anyhow... hope you're all having a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Okay, so I haven't been the best blogger in the last little while, but I have a very good excuse! Last week went by in a complete blur as we got things ready for Julie and Ken's big day. Here's what went down:

Monday: Bought super expensive makeup for the wedding. Went to the gym. Learned that Julie's mom was in the hospital!! freaked out a bit...
Tuesday: Learned that Julie's mom was okay, in fact, after a scare... she was out the next day, thankfully!
Wednesday: Canada day bar-b-q at Julie and Ken's.
Thursday: Nails, rehearsal dinner at Ken's parents'.
Friday: Last minute stuff, set up the hall with Julie, Ken, Alex and Ryan.
Saturday: Wedding!!

Here are a few of hundreds of photos that's I'm in the process of editing....

*edited to add: Okay, so I wasn't thinking before, but some of the photos that I posted were actually set up by their photographer, who is amazing, btw, so I shouldn't have put them up at all, especially without crediting her!! So I will have to sift through my stuff again to see what is actually "my" creation... this one is okay: