Thursday, May 28, 2009

So I am a graduate again!

The day was cold and rainy and very, very long, but in the end, it was worth it and I'm happy that my mom forced (okay, strongly urged) me to go. Patrick slept over on Tuesday night so that we could get up early and leave by 7:15 since I had to pick up my gown. Turns out that there was no line-up at all, so we had a good hour to kill before I needed to robe and start to line up (at which point it started raining!). I saw a lot of people I knew and was able to catch up, but too bad I didn't see my pal Mallory until the last minute, and then I didn't meet up with her after :( so no catching up or photo opportunities. After we lined up in Redpath Hall, we walked down the hill to the tent, and that's when the excitement/anxiety began to set in. I felt strangely and surprisingly emotional - so I guess Julie was right when she said it would provide a much-needed sense of closure. I never went to my first grad, and we didn't even have a party, so this time around it definitely felt more special. We sat through rounds and rounds and rounds of names until finally it was time to get ready to go up on stage. I got to keep my cap on AND have a handshake because I have another degree (those with only one degree have to take their cap off and get taped on the head by some important McGill person - how bizarre, no?).

After the ceremony, the faculty gathered together for a class photo on the steps of the Redpath museum, which took forever! We were all squashed together and tons of people were swarming around to take our photo, which happened to block the actual photographer... and then it started to rain on us... Finally they got all the shots they needed (which you would need to buy) and I was looking everywhere for Mallory but couldn't find her! By then I was fed up and decided to leave - I came home with a migraine, and was pampered by Patrick. I took a nap and woke up just in time to prepare for the arrival of our guests.

My mom went all out with the food and drinks, as usual. I was spoiled with gifts and cards, which I did not expect at all! We took loads of pictures, which I am just sorting through now. Overall, a nice day that left me quite exhausted. Going back to school today was hard, but it made me realize how lucky I am to be working in the same classroom everday until (fingers crossed) the end of the school year.

Okay, time for a shower and *maybe* some scrapping before bed. Cheers!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Time keeps rolling by... lalalala...

So, I'm still working hard in grade one! It's a short week however, since I'm taking tomorrow off to go to my grad, and then Friday is a ped day. Summer is right around the corner.

Today was a busy day. Aside from work, I helped my mom clean our house, since we are a having a party tomorrow evening to celebrate the "big" day... (truth be told, I'm not all that excited and am not looking forward to about 4 hours of waiting to walk across a stage for all of twenty seconds... but I have to humor my mother)... I also went to spin and felt as though I was going to die because the instructor was so intense! She kept telling us to put up the resistance, but we weren't allowed to decrease it even during the rest period. It was a super-endurance burn. Then I came home to plan the outfit, now I'm helping Pat to plan his, and soon I will go take a well-deserved shower. I hate how high-maintenance my hair is. Whenever I wash it, it has to be blow-dried and then straightened or else it looks like a giant poof-ball. Anyways, enough rambling on that topic.

I hope the sun decides to show itself tomorrow, even though it's unlikely that will happen.

I wish I had some interesting photos or layouts to share, but I don't. Actually, I'm behind on uploading a few cards and a layout... will get around to that eventually. And I'm sure I'll have some nice photos after tomorrow (or at least I hope so!). Cheers!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hmm... maybe it's time that I update my blog again...

It's funny how life ebbs and flows. Right now I am really not in the mood to blog. I am busy with other things, like teaching. I haven't been scrapping. But I have been reading and watching a lot of movies. Oh, and working out at the gym. Those seem to be the priorities that are most important to me right now. I have no desire to go to my scrap table - none. I have more desire to do some digi scrapping, although I have been downloading all these kits and many have yet to be touched. When summer comes, I'm sure I'll find my groove again for all these other projects that I have on the back burner.

My students were so good today I could have just cried. It's been such a long road, but after 5 weeks together, they've finally settled in (fingers crossed). Even the one boy who is very, very difficult was so good today. It makes me feel so accomplished. Many of the other teachers have been complimenting me, so that also really means a lot!

It was my mom's birthday on May 6th, and then of course it was Mother's Day on the following weekend. So I ended up getting her these two things as a combined gift:

The show was amazing! I definitely recommend it to anyone. They are soooo talented. The costumes are out of this world. The whole thing was really more than we expected, especially since we'd never seen a Cirque du Soleil show before.

Anyways, there is more to say, but I'm tired and in no mood, plus I need to fold laundry and then get ready to go to the gym. So cheers...