Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Time keeps rolling by... lalalala...

So, I'm still working hard in grade one! It's a short week however, since I'm taking tomorrow off to go to my grad, and then Friday is a ped day. Summer is right around the corner.

Today was a busy day. Aside from work, I helped my mom clean our house, since we are a having a party tomorrow evening to celebrate the "big" day... (truth be told, I'm not all that excited and am not looking forward to about 4 hours of waiting to walk across a stage for all of twenty seconds... but I have to humor my mother)... I also went to spin and felt as though I was going to die because the instructor was so intense! She kept telling us to put up the resistance, but we weren't allowed to decrease it even during the rest period. It was a super-endurance burn. Then I came home to plan the outfit, now I'm helping Pat to plan his, and soon I will go take a well-deserved shower. I hate how high-maintenance my hair is. Whenever I wash it, it has to be blow-dried and then straightened or else it looks like a giant poof-ball. Anyways, enough rambling on that topic.

I hope the sun decides to show itself tomorrow, even though it's unlikely that will happen.

I wish I had some interesting photos or layouts to share, but I don't. Actually, I'm behind on uploading a few cards and a layout... will get around to that eventually. And I'm sure I'll have some nice photos after tomorrow (or at least I hope so!). Cheers!


Nathalie (famille1999) said...

Good to hear from you! Have fun at your grad! I remember waiting in line to get my diploma... Having a surname that starts with "v" makes for a long waiting line! LOL (I was actually next to last) Take care!

Ruth said...

Have fun at your Grad(I never went to mine,since for some reason it took place 4 months after graduating and I'd lost interest by then !!!)
I've been reading your updates even if I haven't commented :)

Jessica said...

I hope you had fun at the graduation! It is worth it to sit through the 4 hours for the picture!