Monday, April 28, 2008

Yesterday, Patrick and I went to the Old Port with Cindy and Jason. It was the perfect day to go for a stroll along the water, and we thought of it totally out of the blue. We ended up at the Montreal Science Center, where we saw an exhibition on aliens, and then this:

It was a really cool experience, since you get to see extreme close-up of band members, which is a great thing for a big fan like me. I really felt like I was there, and it brought back a lot of memories from the concert when we were in the circle. All in all, it was a fun afternoon and evening. I would say that it was hard to go back to the Monday grind, except that it was a ped day today, so it was very laid back. I do have a lot of prep work for the rest of the week, however, since my evaluation is coming on Wednesday (eek!) and we've got to impress! Anyways, I'd better get started on that, but I'll leave you with some photos from yesterday.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

So I spent the entire week in a grade four classroom, and let me just say how much I'm loving it. There had been times in the past when I'd worry whether or not I was even choosing the right career path. I'd think of all the horror stories of dealing with troublesome children, think of the long hours of correcting, wondered how I'd ever be able to teach Math properly... these thoughts sometimes would choke me with doubt and fear, so much so that even picturing myself standing in front of a class was really scary. You also get into this groove in university where actually going to a real job seems like a very daunting task. But having spent this week at the school that I'm at, with the wonderful, amazing cooperating teacher that I have, has completed reassured me. I know that I'm in the right place. I feel so fulfilled after only 1 week. I'm constantly thinking of fun activities to do with "my" students. It's a hard job, yes. It involves a lot of organization and creativity. It's also a fine line between bonding with students and managing them effectively. But wow, is it ever rewarding to see the look on their faces when they "get" it, or when you do a fun activity and they are actually excited to dive into it, or when you write little notes back to them on their assignments, and they feel special and actually want to keep writing back to you. That's what the job is all about. There's one boy with severe behavior problems, who closes off and distances himself when he doesn't feel like doing anything, but he's gradually starting to warm up to me now that he realizes I'm actually on his side. Imagine the feeling to see him actually DOING his work quietly and even with excitement in his eyes. Imagine the feeling when he lets you help him organize the disaster zone that is the inside of his desk. It's extremely rewarding. It's morally rewarding. You may go home tired, but it's a good tired. It's an accomplished tired. And you're happy it's the weekend, but a part of you is also looking forward to Monday morning when you get to find out what they did on their weekend. So I'm thinking that if I'm having these positive experience and feelings, I'm probably on the right track.

I'm off this weekend - no library, thank God! I've already been roller-blading this morning, my first time this year. It's a great feeling to be gliding along with the wind coming at you while listening to the Across the Universe soundtrack (yup, I just can't seem to get enough of it). It was a bit cold, but I wanted to get my workout over with early so that I had the whole day to tidy up and hopefully get some scrapbooking done. Patrick has 2 clients today (yay!) so I won't be seeing him until later on. His dad is hosting a bachelor party for one of his friends who is getting remarried- ugh. I told Pat that he was staying over at my house to avoid the stampede of testosterone-ridden, overly opinionated 50 year-old Quebecois men, since their agenda is: go to park to play competitive sports, come back and eat huge t-bone steaks, drink tons of wine and beer, start a poker game, betting cas, that will likely last hours, then sing karaoke until the wee hours of the morning). Now, if that's not something you want to escape then I don't know what is...

And what is going on at my house today? My uncle and his friend are finishing off the deck, which will involve a lot of saw dust and loud drilling noises. I plan on using my ipod if need be. Cheers maties. Here's a newer page as well:

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tomorrow I start my stage! I never thought I'd make it to the end of the semester, but finally there's a light at the end of the tunnel. I'll be in a grade four classroom. What's also very exciting is that my friend Tania, one of my amazing LA hommies, will be in the same class. That really makes me stress a lot less because I know I won't be alone to find my way around and all that stuff. Of course I am nervous about the whole experience, but it's all going to be okay, and hopefully a lot of fun. My cooperating teacher is someone I already know since I used to babysit for her. What are the chances? Well, in GPK, it's a very small world.

Aside from that, my car is very sick. It will need major repairs ASAP, which is hard to work out considering I will be on stage for 3 weeks. We were told by one place that it was the transmission, but at the transmission specialist place, they said no, there are several other problems, but it's not the transmission. It's all very confusing for a person who knows very little about cars. Thankfully Patrick is good at all that kind of stuff.

Well, it's another fun time at the biblio this afternoon. Hopefully the vagabonds who gave us a ton of trouble yesterday (including somehow messing with our emergency doors) won't be there again today. Sigh. At least it's sunny and 20.

Might as well post this too since I haven't been gracing you with much eye candy lately.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Happy birthday to me! Yup I'm the big 24 today, not like it feels any different. I was lucky enough to take a trip to the scrapping store to purchase me 70$ worth of products, yet for which I only paid 15$ (yay me!). The reason is because I had a 25% discount due to my special day, as well as a 20$ stamp voucher, and a 15$ gift certificate for having won a sketch challenge. Afterwards Pat and I went to a used book store where I bought a few books for my future classroom, then we had lunch at Amir. We also went to Winners but I had no luck there and ended up feeling fat and terrible about my lacking wardrobe after trying on various garments that didn't fit properly. I did end up doing some school work because there just wouldn't be any other time to get it done otherwise. But then I played with my new toy that Pat got for me (but really for himself). It's so much fun!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Jon is going to be sooo famous. And you gotta give a lot of props to Nino.

I've been a bad blogger haven't I? Well, no better time to blog than when you're procrastinating over getting school work done. Patrick is watching the Habs, and I am surfing the net, but have yet to start writing reflections for my Kindergarten portfolio. I will, I will...

Not much is new. It's my birthday in a week! I haven't planned anything yet. I hope to go to the states in 2 weekends, to shop 'till I drop. I need some new clothes for my upcoming stage - you know, like, real grown-up outfits (no Roxy allowed). It is always a challenge for me to remember that I am now in my twenties, thus it is no longer appropriate to buy bright/bold patterned sweaters and anything and everything that is all shades of pink.

Tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment to find out the results of my blood test. Something is up because she called me immediately. I hope it's nothing too serious. I don't think it is, because the receptionist said not to freak out because it wasn't urgent, but still, I worry. June is convinced that I have mono, but I'm not too sure.

Here are the lyrics that have been stuck in my head for the past few days: "I wanna love you, I wanna be a better man, don't want to hurt you, just want to see what's in your hands" - Better Man by Oasis (written by the beloved Liam).

Alright, well, here is a picture of crap quality that I love. Cheers maties.