Friday, January 25, 2013

Well hello there world! Oh how I have missed blogging! I have been so terrible at it over the last few years. There was a time I used to update weekly... ha! That feels like ages ago. I would like to think that I could go back to that, but I won't keep any promises until I get back into the groove of it again.

What I like about keeping a blog is looking back at it over time. Seeing what went on, what we were going through, what I was thinking, feeling, doing. I like feeling that I've left a mark, that I capture the moments in some form as they passed. It all goes by so fast. I think I spend too much time browsing the blogs of others when I could be focusing that energy more productively.

Here is a bit of what's been going on lately.

We are selling (or at least trying to sell) our house! Long story. Not something that was foreseen, but we are going to go through with it in the hopes that we will be happier elsewhere, in a detached home. Having shitty neighbors really sucks. This is all happening, hopefully, within the next few months before the wedding. Oh right, of course, did I forget to mention?? Since my six month blog-hiatus, we got engaged!! Kinda big news around here!
Patrick proposed while we were on vacation in Bermuda. We went on a cruise last July, and he popped the question on the bow of the boat one evening after a romantic dinner.

I have been documenting the process in this gem of a book, which I highly recommend to anyone planning a wedding.

We are getting married on July 20th. It is an exciting time, but also a very busy time. I would like to share the process on here, so maybe that will be my motivation to keep the blog going.

As for right now, it's time to unwind after a long, dreadfully cold week. Temperatures reached -40 with the wind chill. We feel like hibernating! Thankfully, we made it to Friday night! We are just about to cook some salmon and open a bottle of wine. Here's to weekends, even if they do pass by all too quickly.