Friday, March 4, 2011

Currents + Another Page

listening to: the sounds of my house. The new Radiohead.
eating: nothing yet, but craving some cereal.
drinking: again, nothing yet, but coffee very soon.
wearing: pink PJ bottoms with cupcake designs, and Pat's Niagara falls sweater. Very stylish combo.
feeling: worried about my uncle (operation is today).
weather: still cold, with a deceptively bright sky. When will blasted Winter end already?!
wanting: to get a good phone call from out West at the end of today.
needing: to fully appreciate my last day of March Break.
thinking: it's time to start breakfast!
enjoying: scrapbooking!
wondering: what workout should I do today?

I was flipping through this book and decided to randomly choose one topic to scrapbook about. I looooove this book. It gets my creativity flowing almost every time. Here is what I made this morning. I am quite pleased. These were some feelings I've had for a long while and it felt good to put them into words. Man did I hate hate hate that class.

Happy Friday everyone :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A new digi-page

Patrick will probably kill me for using this picture, but I like it!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Winding Down

With March break comes the realization that I have not be nurturing the things I love nearly as much as I should. I have been shoving things, both figuratively and literally, into crevices with the thought that I will get to them in time, but all that has amounted to is a lot of clutter. I have been living in this vision of the future, putting things on hold because it's not the time quite yet. But this has drained me more than I realized and is no real way of living. So for the past few days, I have been slowing down in the now.

This past weekend we went to Burlington. We browsed the shops a lot. We tried on nerdy glasses just for a laugh.

We discovered that snuggies exist in various forms. Disturbing, yet highly amusing.

We ate a lot - far more than we should have. One night we went to the Pub and Brewery and the other night we went to the Olive Garden with Julie and Ken. The calorie intake was probably over 2000 per person. Debauchery I tell you, but it was soooo good.

We then decided to go swimming even though we all felt like we were going to explode. The water was positively freezing... We avoided the hot tub with its murky brown water and group of very noisy Quebecers. All this made us laugh almost uncontrollably, which we hadn't done in a while.

Later, Pat and I snuggled on a king-sized bed and watched movies. We browsed the charming downtown square and went to a few antique places, although found nothing worthwhile. That's okay because just looking was more than half the fun anyways.
We drove home in a rain storm on a nearly empty highway. Just us in our tiny car, moving through space and time, the sound of slush and wipers and faint music playing in the background. There is something about the open road that is so hypnotic, so all-encompassing and soothing to me. Maybe it's because I traveled a lot when I was younger and there was nothing I loved more than watching the world zoom by, reading license plates and checking off all the states and provinces we passed through. In any case, the feeling is still there for me as an adult driver - I love the highway just as much as passing through all the little towns along the way.

In the end, our shopping spree was not very successful, but I am fine with that. In fact, I'm a bit relieved since I just had to fix my car brakes before leaving and that was a huge amount that I wasn't expecting. We are happy we were able to get away for a few days. We needed some down time together and it has allowed me to feel calm and peaceful.

Now I am back home and have been taking care of a few necessities, like laundry and organizing files - getting income tax papers ready to go. I actually made a digital page today, which I will share soon. I felt very rusty while making it, but in the end, am pleased with the result. I need to force myself to get back into it and I know the joy will come.

I feel the urge to take pictures, decent-looking pictures, as it has been far too long. Maybe a walk tomorrow will expand my horizons a little bit...

Anyways, I have to go pick up my man after his long day with clients. More tomorrow. Cheers!