Friday, March 4, 2011

Currents + Another Page

listening to: the sounds of my house. The new Radiohead.
eating: nothing yet, but craving some cereal.
drinking: again, nothing yet, but coffee very soon.
wearing: pink PJ bottoms with cupcake designs, and Pat's Niagara falls sweater. Very stylish combo.
feeling: worried about my uncle (operation is today).
weather: still cold, with a deceptively bright sky. When will blasted Winter end already?!
wanting: to get a good phone call from out West at the end of today.
needing: to fully appreciate my last day of March Break.
thinking: it's time to start breakfast!
enjoying: scrapbooking!
wondering: what workout should I do today?

I was flipping through this book and decided to randomly choose one topic to scrapbook about. I looooove this book. It gets my creativity flowing almost every time. Here is what I made this morning. I am quite pleased. These were some feelings I've had for a long while and it felt good to put them into words. Man did I hate hate hate that class.

Happy Friday everyone :)

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