Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Happy birthday to me! Yup I'm the big 24 today, not like it feels any different. I was lucky enough to take a trip to the scrapping store to purchase me 70$ worth of products, yet for which I only paid 15$ (yay me!). The reason is because I had a 25% discount due to my special day, as well as a 20$ stamp voucher, and a 15$ gift certificate for having won a sketch challenge. Afterwards Pat and I went to a used book store where I bought a few books for my future classroom, then we had lunch at Amir. We also went to Winners but I had no luck there and ended up feeling fat and terrible about my lacking wardrobe after trying on various garments that didn't fit properly. I did end up doing some school work because there just wouldn't be any other time to get it done otherwise. But then I played with my new toy that Pat got for me (but really for himself). It's so much fun!

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Jessica said...

You're not fat! Don't be silly.
Glad you had a good birthday!