Sunday, July 12, 2009

What a beautiful morning we're having here, which is very much appreciated after all the rain yesterday. We're celebrating my dad's 60th birthday today. I hope we are able to eat on the deck outside. We haven't been lucky yet this year (it's rained every time we've had guests over).

Lately I've been scanning old photos that I've found in various albums and boxes around my grandmother's house. It's always like opening a present when I sift through them all and realize how cool it is to see all my ancestors in their younger phases... I'm hoping to get some of these stories down in the form of scrapbooking.

My maternal grandfather on a boat, I think on his honeymoon.

My maternal grandmother and her father.

My nanny at the beach... possibly one of my favorite photos of all time.

The Wallace cousins (on my mother's side). Cand you guess which one is my mother?

I love these old photos and the glimpse they give you into another time. They are so romantic and perfect and I'm lucky to have access to them at all... okay, I'm getting all nostalgic and sappy about it. But, no, seriously, pretty cool, right? Anyhow... hope you're all having a great weekend!


Jessica said...

Very nice! I cant believe how good the quality is!

Ruth said...

Fingers crossed for the weather...yesterdays rain was just insane !

I'm lucky to have a lot of photo's from my dads family,that Mum gave me,she has a lot of her side too but is refusing to hand those over just yet!!

They've scanned really well.

patti said...

love the photo of your grandmother in the water ashley, she was quite a looker eh, i see a lot of you in her! :)