Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Okay, so I haven't been the best blogger in the last little while, but I have a very good excuse! Last week went by in a complete blur as we got things ready for Julie and Ken's big day. Here's what went down:

Monday: Bought super expensive makeup for the wedding. Went to the gym. Learned that Julie's mom was in the hospital!! freaked out a bit...
Tuesday: Learned that Julie's mom was okay, in fact, after a scare... she was out the next day, thankfully!
Wednesday: Canada day bar-b-q at Julie and Ken's.
Thursday: Nails, rehearsal dinner at Ken's parents'.
Friday: Last minute stuff, set up the hall with Julie, Ken, Alex and Ryan.
Saturday: Wedding!!

Here are a few of hundreds of photos that's I'm in the process of editing....

*edited to add: Okay, so I wasn't thinking before, but some of the photos that I posted were actually set up by their photographer, who is amazing, btw, so I shouldn't have put them up at all, especially without crediting her!! So I will have to sift through my stuff again to see what is actually "my" creation... this one is okay:


Jessica said...

The pictures are stunning! I love the one of you and Pat. You look very nice in red, and your hair was gorgeous!

Ruth said...

A red,white and black wedding,how lovely :)
Julie looks lovely,well you all do !

rocklady said...

ok well i'm only seeing the one photo, i guess i'll have to wait to see the rest, but you sure did look pretty, love you in red!

Claude said...

You look beautiful!