Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I am so swamped with stuff at the moment! This week at school has been insane. I have three group presentations in one week, all of which require coordinating schedules, delegating tasks, written reports, and other such treats. I'll be SOOO happy for the long weekend. It might even involve some scrappy time, and for sure it will involve a yummy turkey dinner with family. Except that my dad has decided to go visit his friend in Kingston, alone, by bus. So be it. We shall not expand on that subject...

I am also falling behind in posting my daily photos, so I'm going to catch up here. I am being forced to be more reasonable in the amount of photos I take per day this week. That's fine, all things have their time and place.

Guess what? Patrick and I splurged on a 42" flat screen last night! There was an amazing sale on at Costco that we couldn't resist, so we bought it right then and there. We thought it would fit into the back of my car if we put the seats down, but turns out our visual/spatial skills are a little rusty. The giant box didn't fit in my mom's car either, so we had to call Uncle Timmy to the rescue. Thank God for handy-men with their big trucks, eh? Unfortunately no picture of the TV yet, but take my word for it when I say it's monstrously big in Pat's room.

Also, I drove my buddy Tania home from school today, and we had a great chat/vent about school – thanks for that hun! I love that I have been able to make such great friends in the Education program – Mallory, Tania, Kristin, you are the best. It makes it all so much more bearable to know that we can count on each other.

Okay, well, without further ado, here are yesterday’s pictures:

A view seen from the bus ride across the bridge. I love the streak of light in the sky!

Me and my boyfriend on the bus (one of the rare times we actually get to ride together...). I love the way his eyes are sparkling in this photo. I look like crap, on the other hand!

Bus graffiti with the sky in the background.


And here are today's pictures, taking right this evening.

A pretty decoration in my room. Love those crystals.

One of my stamps (still dirty!) with my scrap space in the background. I thought it was an interesting idea and goes with the whole theme of capturing the daily details.

Goodnight! (Yes, it's only 8:50 pm and I'm already in my pjs. SOO tired).


Nathalie (famille1999) said...

That streak of light in that picture is just great! I hope that you enjoy your upcoming long weekend Ash. :)

Jessica said...

The tv sounds so nice! Maybe I should try to get to Costco to see.
Enjoy it!

Ruth said...

Love all these shot Ash,especially the detail and the graffiti ones.I think it's great you're taking all these daily photo's they'll be so interesting to look back on.