Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Here's today's photo - me using the foam roller to roll out all the kinks in my back. It's a daily ritual and it feels so good. I decided not to edit it at all. I didn't even crop it. This is what my basement looks like! I find that most of my pictures are too cropped and offer little surrounding perspective. I bet it will be boring for my grandchildren to look at. They'll want to see what my house looked like, I would think. Well, I know I'd die to have a sneak peek into what my grandmother's childhood house was like inside (and out for that matter). So, having said that, I'm going for the "all-inclusive" type photos, or at least am trying to. I'm over the extreme close-up phase. I mean, there are only so many scrapbooking pages you can do on that, in my opinion, before it become really boring!

Here's another photo of my group, hard at work while we rehearse an AmAzInG script that we wrote together and will have to perform in front of the class. It's about the house system, but we added our own flair, as our teacher is really keen on "high drama" or "low comedy" (I swear, those were his exact words...). I cannot wait to present this - I have to do cheesy accents and all! I didn't ask my "hoggies" (inside joke) if I could post this, but I'm assuming they won't mind. I hope not anyways. Please don't kill me girls if you stumble on this and didn't want your face on the Internet!

In other news, I went to visit the dentist this afternoon, which is always such a pleasure (not!). I hadn't been in over 2 years, mostly due to lack of time and procrastination, so needless to say I had a modest amount of tartar build up. Ew. Apparently I am prone to this, genetically. The hygienist was scrapping away for so long, and they have a new polishing device that makes the most disturbing high-pitch sound. Besides being prodded at for an hour in an uncomfortable position, overall, it went well. I am still cavity free, and my teeth are in good shape. I will be getting them bleached because I have some stains on my front teeth thanks to taking antibiotics when I was a baby.

Well, time to go relax and do a bit of stretching. The more I type, the worse it is for my ailing back.

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Nathalie (famille1999) said...

Thanks for joining me Ash! :) You are so right about the extreme close-ups... I think it's time to find a balance between those extreme long shot that they used to do in the 60's and 70's and the extreme cropping that we do nowadays. :)

Can't wait to see more.