Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Since I haven't uploaded any pages for the longest time, I figured I was due. Here are the two questionnaires from September and October that were issued on the Scrapbook Centrale website. I am actually up to date with them, I'm just behind in posting pages. I have about 10-15 pages that I need to upload... but I just don't have the time right now. Maybe on the weekend.

Stage is going well - I'm really getting into the swing of it now. I've done a few Math lessons so far with them, and they've gone fairly well, but they need constant guidance. I need to get used to really filtering down information for them, and going over every single little detail numerous times. Overall, I'm enjoying it. I'm not enjoying driving to school while it's still dark outside!
Tonight I'm going to relax at Patrick's and watch some movies. My brother is having a bunch of guys over to watch the game, so I'm leaving... they'd better be gone by the time that I'm home and need to go to bed!


barb said...

Oh wow, I love love love the pages you've done for the questionnaire challenge at Scrapbook Centrale. :)

And I'm wondering what grade you're teaching math to. My older son LOVES math. Just like his mom used to. And of course, his dad is a total math geek. lol

Ruth said...

Always nice to see some pages by you.

I am so behind on the questionnaires.have them all answered though so that's something !!