Friday, October 17, 2008

The Office intro last night was so many shades of wonderful. There was so much packed into those first few minutes, it was blowing my mind. I couldn't even laugh at first, it was just too much for my brain to take in... but wow, that was amazing. Dwight gave birth to a watermelon, need I say more? If you're not into the show, I highly recommend it. It may seem stupid, but you need to give it a chance. So worth it!

Me and my mom have decided to take a trip to Plattsburgh today, whoot, whoot! The main reason: Target has finally been built. I have never been to a Target, but I have heard the tales of wonder. Today we shall experience that for the first time. And then there's TJ Maxx and Applebee's... a fun day. We haven't already left because my mom is working until noon-ish, and I have a few errands to do. But we shall hit the road shortly. It will be a nice little break before a weekend of work, and then starting stage bright and early Monday morning.

Here are yesterday's photos:

My scrap desk before I cleaned it. Messy, messy!

My little shrine to the ocean and serenity...

Have a great day everyone :)


famille1999 said...

Oh... have fun on your outing! Never been to a Target store either! Love your latest pics too. Have a great weekend!

Jessica said...

I hope you have fun at Target!
Theres an applebees here in Windsor, Jon and I have already been there 4 times, I really like it!

barb said...

Great photos! Two things about that first photo:
1. Your desk is NOT messy. You haven't seen messy until you've seen MY desk. lol
2. Kind of freaky... I took a picture of my coffee mug on my messy scrap desk today. I swear I didn't peek at your blog first!

Anyway, have a GREAT time shopping in the US. I LOVE Target... I hope the new store is as awesome as you're expecting. :D