Thursday, October 2, 2008

Oh, my, how crazy is this? Liam in a recent interview with someone from a Montreal paper:

"I've gotten into running, which I never used to do," Gallagher says with something shockingly akin to enthusiasm. "If I've not been drinking, I'll get up at about 6 in the morning and I'll run about fuckin' 10 miles, come back, take the kids to school. That's what I do, man." Indeed he does. Park-goers on the mountain a few weeks ago would have been treated to an uncommon sight. "I went for a run up to the top of Mont Royal," he says.

I TOLD you Patrick! Why didn't I just continue the hike up the Education hill a little farther that day?!

Has it ever been said that I am completely obsessed with Oasis? I thought I had gotten over it, but apparently the 13 year-old in me just keeps finding ways of resurfacing.

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Ruth said...

Don't worry I still have that 13 year old girl inside of me sometimes too !!