Thursday, October 16, 2008

Okay, so I'm a little behind on posting my photos for the challenge. I am falling into a bit of a rut, to be honest. Well, on Tuesday anyways. I took no photos at all, as I wasn't feeling very well, had to work, and then go to school to drop off a paper... so I had very little time and motivation. But yesterday I was feeling like I needed to catch up, so I did! I took my Rebel downtown, can you believe it - I actually wore it around my neck as I walked to school so I could capture some of my surroundings. I felt a little self-conscious but kept telling myself, who cares? So what if I'm taking photos? I'm glad I did too, because it was my very last day of school before my 8-week stage!!

Here's a picture of a waterfall in the building I walk through everyday...

Total eye-candy - the Simon's displays... Love how this one turned out with the reflection of the building in the background and the pretty colors.

My friend Kristin and I - actually, I think our first photo together. Man I will really miss my school friends when I go off on stage :(

Downtown life... I walk by here every day on my way to and from school.

No, I've never eaten here, but doesn't it just look so posh and cool?

And here is one of the few photos I took on Thanksgiving:

My mom and I worked on the turkey dinner and setting the table, Martha Stewart style. Yes, those are all her products...


In other news:

1. I found out that I'm going to a grade 1 classroom at school nearby. I'm very excited but as usual, nervous about going to a new environment. Somebody I know had this CT before however, and she is apparently really good, which makes me happy to hear.

2. Patrick has been super busy with clients this week, which makes me very happy and proud.

3. I just finished another book by Elizabeth Berg; this time it was Open House. Man, I love her writing style - I just can't get enough of it. Her characters and stories are so genuine.

4. I have no work or school tomorrow, but I do have to go get a blood test done to check up on my TSH levels again. I will get that over with in the early morning, then I have to go ship off the broken x-box and rockband game+ instruments at UPS. Oh, did I mention that a third x-box broke this past week. Know why? From playing a disk in it while it was in the upright position, which is apparently, according to the company, perfectly safe to do. Well, it's not! We are annoyed, but at least we have a guarantee on everything, so we can send it all back, get a credit, and buy the new rockband, which has wireless instruments - so much better!

5. I had to say bye to my daycare sweeties today - I won't see them until Christmas time because I will be on stage for two months. When June told them all to say bye to me, they all shouted it in unison, but Victor can running over to give me a giant hug. Oh my, I nearly cried right then and there. I love that child, he is such a doll, despite all his pee incidents that he seems to do intentionally to manipulate us. I just can't resist his adorable little face and character.

6. I scrapbooked a page yesterday that I don't really like, but I just had to get it done and off my desk. On to the next thing. I really hope to make something I actually like tonight... I seem to have more inspiration when I whip up 8x8 or 8.5x11, so maybe I'll try that.

7. I went to Winners and bought a new hat and pair of gloves for winter. They are really cute and professional looking, but in a fun and modern way. Just the look I am always searching for.

8. I have been a little blah lately, and I think it's because the sun is going down so much earlier. Also, when I wake up to go to work in the morning, it's still dark. How depressing.

9. I love the Rolling Stones. Somewhat random, but I was listening to Beggar's Banquet on the bus the other day and couldn't help but want to burst into song and tap my feet... but didn't.

10. I need to stop wasting so much time on the Internet.

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famille1999 said...

Really you have awesome shots Ash! I really love them all. Good for you for not being too shy to go around with your camera... I have to work on that. :S

Which school are you going to? I'm sure that those kids will love you! Good luck with it!

The transition to Fall is really rough on me too... I have no energy. :(

On other news, I'd just wanted to let you that Cindy will be reopening this Saturday on St-Louis street in St-Lambert... ;)