Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Well, it's June believe it or not! School's out until the fall, I'm subbing a little here and there, and working at the same old: library and daycare, but not very many hours per week.

Patrick's parents are out of town until Friday, wooohooo, that NEVER happens! So we have the house to ourselves and I'm sleeping over tonight. His cat is going nutso though without her mommy being there. She'll never very affectionate, but she's even worse now, and she's been nervously hiding under chairs and in corners all day. She won't let us touch her.

Well, I've been scrapping a little lately (will upload some layouts in the next few days), and fixing up Patrick's website. Basically I've only got the first page made so far, so it's not much, but we just wanted the most important info to be there for the time being. I have to fix the links - I'm learning the program slowly but surely. Anyways, it's pretty exciting, and he's starting to get more and more clients, so I'm happy about that. One of his clients is a very boisterous mechanic, and he asked for a huge stack of his business cards, so word of mouth will be getting around.

My scrapping friend Jessica has tagged me. I have to report 3 random things. Well, here they are:

1. I've been having a lot of back pain lately and it's because I have terrible posture. I've been wearing a brace around the house to force my shoulders into the correct position.

2. I've straigthened my "side-burns" (straggly hair that doesn't seem to grow out properly in the place where men have side-burns) twice today already. They get all curly and pouffy if I don't, and look really bad.

3. My next scrapbooking page may be based on my favorite TV shows.

Alright, enough for now. Here are some garden shots that I played around with on picnik. The first one is my favorite.


Isabelle said...

Hi Ash! your boyfriends website looks great, i really like that picture you took and put on the site. i might just give him a call someday.

Jessica said...

The website looks great! Very professional.

You have nice hair, I never noticed any frizz!