Sunday, June 8, 2008

Is it ever hot out this weekend! We went from rainy and 15 ish, to sunny and 30 just overnight and it's a huge shock to my system. Today is even hotter, I think it's about 35 with the humidity. I can't complain too much because I adore summer and even the hottest of hot days. However, both our pool and air conditioner are out of order at the moment, so it's not quite as fun. At least I was able to swim in Pat's pool yesterday.

We are celebrating Pat's dad's birthday today, which means that a group of rowdy uncles will be over swimming, playing games, listening to extremely loud music, possibly singing karaoke, and drinking and eating a whole lot. Meanwhile, I am going to practice the much needed skill of being open to activities that don't necessarily tickle my fancy. At least I can hide behind the camera and try to get some good shots! No, seriously, his uncles can be a lot of fun, it's just that I tend to be anti-social, especially with the whole language barrier thing. But I will keep a positive outlook, and alas, there will be cake!

Pat and I went browsing garage sales yesterday morning. We found an exercise machine for 15$, so we couldn't resist. The woman had bought it from an Infomercial for over 100$. It's that one that "swooshes" from side to side, kind of similar to the StairMaster, except the motion is on a slant, sideways. My description is so great, I know... Anyways, it's kinda fun and it activates different muscle groups. Also, it doesn't take up much room at all. My parents were horrified that I had acquired another piece of exercise equipment, but I found a compact little spot for it in the basement, so it's all good.

Well, I'm off to scrap.


Jessica said...

15$ What a steal! Of course you had to get it.

Claude said...

I admire people like you who train and keep their body in shape. I'm thinking of going to the gym myself, it's time I took care of little ol' me!