Monday, June 9, 2008

Some serious self-pampering will take place shortly as I venture to the best scrapbooking store, and possibly to Winners. Yesterday I had one of those "I have absolutely no clothes" type of moments, which happens, oh I don't know, at least once a week or so...

Yesterday's event (Pat's dad's b-day) was fun, played some volleyball, lawn darts, even swam for a good hour at night. So it just goes to show that if you leave yourself open to it, you can have a good time. I will upload some pictures of the evening later on.

Don't be surprised if my blog changes color sometime soon. I am getting really tired of the black background. I'm thinking white, to freshen things up. We shall see!

I thought I would be a little Ali Edwards-ish and make it a Mosaic Monday... here's some eyecandy from Flickr. Have a splendid day, enjoy the heat while it lasts.

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