Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Jessica (the one person who is sure to read this)!! I hope you're having a wonderful trip... I'm sure you are. What better way to celebrate your birthday?!

Today I slept in. I am still in my pj's. And drinking coffee. And it's good. I don't think I will work out today - need to give it a rest. Yesterday, Patrick did water aerobics with me, and it was really fun. We were actually coming up with our own moves - Pat's good at that, he really has a knack for isolating muscles and such. Fun times, but my butt is sore today. You wouldn't think that water aerobics could do that to you, but it can. There's a lot of resistance to work with in the water. And now that my pool is finally fixed and filling up with water as we speak, I will be able to work out in the pool a lot more often. It's better when the temperature is lower, because that way you burn more calories, since your body is working hard to warm up. Or so I'm told by June.

I'm also in the process of backing up my computer, because Patrick has promised me that if I clean out one hard-drive, then he could convert it into Mac format. Don't ask me how that works, it's all very complicated for me to understand, but apparently I can be both a Mac and PC person. It's very exciting. I'm a sucker to Apple and their fun and intuitive technology, but at the same time, I'm turned off by how it's so difficult to upgrade and add programs and such, and how expensive it is. Well apparently now there is a way to bypass those negative aspects and get right to the goodness. Gotta love that my boyfriend is such a tech geek. Anyways, in backing up my hard-drive, which contains photos from the year 2007, I've realized how much crap is on my computer, and how disorganized it is. I mean, where does it all come from? I would like to be able to organize things in a more logical and pretty format. I hope I will be able to do that with the Mac thingy on my computer.

Cleaning up my PC also put me into cleaning mode, so last night at 10 pm, I decided to organize Patrick's room. He thought I was crazy, but it just needed to be done before I could get peace of mind. Crazy? Perhaps a little, but sometimes there is just too much clutter, and I feel like I can't relax before it's taken care of. I can't wait until we have a bigger space. His room, and entire house for that matter, is the polar oppostive of good Feng Shui. So yeah, every once in a while, it drives me crazy. In the process of cleaning his stuff, I found all this change that Pat had accumulated over the past year or so... and it totalled 230$!!! Insane. Now it's just figuring how where it can be converted to bills. Patrick insists that the bank won't do it. I said maybe the Casino, but then there's the risk that we don't even make it to the teller if we have to walk past the slot machines...

I will probably post some fun daycare photos tomorrow, since yesterday was a graduation party for two of the children. I took 481 photos. Is that crazy? It's just so easy with the Rebel to get carried away and keep snapping shots. I've been experimenting with angles lately, and I'm liking the results.

A lot of random rambling this monring, no? Time to go do something productive, like finish editing an article for Patrick.

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