Sunday, June 15, 2008

Today is Father's Day. I feel like such a crappy daughter because I didn't officially get my dad anything. I made him a card, which was totally from the heart. I also invited him to an afternoon out and lunch at a restaurant of his choice, but still, I feel bad about the whole thing. Mostly because my mom made me feel shitty about it, by saying "you're only making his card now??" with a flabbergasted tone, followed by the question "what did you get my father", to which I responded "Nothing", which resulted in a very slight grimace, nonexistent to some, but highly detectable to me. It's not like I didn't WANT to get him anything. It's really because he has been showing very little interest in anything lately, so what are you supposed to get for a person when he's feeling that way? I also wanted to take him out for lunch yesterday, but he didn't want to go. So I'm at a loss... I also feel shitty because I have to work today, so I won' t be able to spend much time with him. So yeah, in general, I'm feeling pretty guilty about Father's Day. But probably not as guilty as my brother, who is still lying in bed and likely has failed to remember the occasion entirely.

In other news, I'm playing around with the layout of my blog, pretty unsuccessfully as you may have observed. I was sick of the dreary black background, and wanted to lighten things up. Well I like the whiteness of it now, but I haven't quite nailed the blog banner. So sorry for constantly changing things around. I will stop when I'm more satisfied.

Patrick and I went to our long-lost friend Mike's new condo last night. Wow, what a great space! It turns out that his fiance is into scrapbooking and has this amazing little scrapbooking nook on the upper level (which is an open concept) that overlooks the kitchen. Totally inspiring! And of course, she just happens to have these shelves from Ikea.

I sooooo want those shelves. But it will be a little weird since Julie and Alex also have them in their scrap spaces. Oh well! Anyways, we had a fun time - had a bar-b-q, played some Scene It on X-box, which is super fun. In general, we just did some catching up. Patrick was lucky enough to explain hypno-therapy to another friend, Ben, who was there with his girlfriend. He was so interested in learning about it and willing to try it that Pat actually put him in trance 3 times, and super quickly at that! He was so amazed by it, and it was really cool to watch. I'm so glad that Ben was there because it really inspired Pat and reminded him that he's really good at what he does. (You are amazing babe, don't let anyone tell you or make you feel otherwise).

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