Monday, June 30, 2008

Friday night, Patrick and I ventured to the West Island to spend some long overdue time with friends. First, predictably, there was a quick trip to the best scrapbooking store around, Scrapbook Centrale, where I purchased these lovely Making Memories stamps. I'm drooling over them.

Then, we went to Portovino with Dave & Gina, and Danny & Cinzia. It's been so long since we've all done something as a group, and it was really great to catch up. Danny & Cinzia's girls weren't there, but we heard great stories about them and how much they've grown. I can't get over how quickly time goes by. Olivia is already finished Kindergarten and Juliana is talking and walking! Amazing. Thanks for a great time guys!

Saturday night, for the first time in 6 years, my parents invited Patrick's parents over for dinner. I was very apprehensive about this event, because both couples are so different, but it ended up going very well. They got along and talked a lot. My mom went all out with the meal, and it was much appreciated.

Yesterday was a lazy day around the pool, which is finally ready after a month of liner troubles. I forced my dad to come in, and he managed to get in and out by himself. He is nervous in the water because he can't swim after the stroke (he used to be an avid swimmer). I made him do some leg and arm work, and I also made him practice his balance on a float while kicking his legs. I am trying to get him to do more and more. We also took him to see this movie last night, which he enjoyed.

Well, time to scrapbook!


Claude said...

If I didn't already own so many journaling stamps (I'm an addict!), I would've totally gotten those, they are gorgeous!

Ruth said...

I bought those stamps too Ash,love them and have actually used them !