Wednesday, July 2, 2008

So here are some photos from yesterday. I forced everyone to pose on the lawn like that and I think some thought I was crazy. It's all in the name of fun photos to scrap with, come on people! Julie and Alex were naturally good sports because they wanted good photos too. I think that their neighbors thought we were very, very loud and strange English people... we wanted to sing the national anthem very loudly as a group but we were afraid that people would through things on the property, ha!
Worked all day at daycare and we were enjoying the sun for the most part. Neve has finally learned how to say my name, it's so cute, but it became slightly annoying after she repeated it fifty times in a row. Ha, gotta love 2 year olds. I also did spinning on break, which was well-needed after all that I ate yesterday.

Pat and I will likely go swimming later at his place, and probably watch more of the Office. Love that show. Not in much of a mood to formulate complete sentences with "I" in them, but whatever, it's the summer, it's slack, it's all good!


Jessica said...

I love your pictures!
the one of you 3 girls is really nice!

Claude said...

Great shots, that group one is really cool!

But my fave is the one of you 3 girls, it beautiful, so natural!