Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Well the weather has been incredibly dull for the past few days and it's putting a damper on my spirits and energy level. Add to that the fact that I am either coming down with something or have allergies, and it's just BLAH all-around. I woke up at 11 am this morning and still felt tired, and had a headache before I even stepped out of my bed. The AC was finally fixed yesterday, so there has been freezing cold air blasting into my room - not doing my throat very much good. I am actually wearing fluffy slippers and a sweater now! Anyways, enough complaining!

I am feeling incredibly nostalgic at the moment, feeling the need to re-read old letters and yearbook messages - I don't know why or where it came from, but it happens every so often. I am also having the urge to keep writing my high-school story, which I haven't done in a few years now. I should really be writing a little bit each day.

In terms of scrapbooking, I'm catching up with some of the quiz challenges that were issued at Scrapbook Centrale. I am quite behind, since I decided that I would do both Patrick and I. It will be a nice memory down the road I think. Tomorrow I am going to Alex's to scrapbook, yay!

On Sunday we went to visit my grandfather's grave, which we haven't done in probably 5 years or more (at least I haven't anyways). We took some pictures, which my uncle insisted was a little morbid. I suppose it is, but at the same time it is celebrating my grandfather's life.

Afterwards, we went to Au Vieux Duluth (so original isn't it?) - it was good, but nothing amazingly special, as usual. My brother took this picture:

Today there are baby birds in my backyard!! We think they are baby cardinals, because the bright red father is feeding them. I just looked it up and apparently it's the father that feeds them while the mother builds new nests. Look how cute the baby is:

Also, my dad has started taking anti-depressants because he has been incredibly down for the past few months. We have tried a lot of different things, but he just has zero motivation to do things unless we force him to. We hope that the pills can cut down the anxiety and help him start feeling better. Of course we were apprehensive at first, but I think this is what's needed to give him the extra push. It has been heartbreaking and extremely draining to watch him in this negative state for the past little while, and now we realize that something's gotta give. So we are trying the pills and keeping our fingers crossed for improvement. I don't expect a miracle drug, but I'm hoping it can at least help him have some interest and motivation. My mom is on vacation for 2 weeks, so that is also helping to lift his spirits a little bit. Just one day at a time...

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barb said...

Oh Ash, I've heard so much about the depression that sometimes afflicts stroke patients. I hope your dad will make it through this difficult time with the help of meds and his loving and supportive family. I'll be thinking of you guys.

And those are all great pictures you've posted here. The bird is adorable... the family shots are delightful, and yes, you're right... the picture at the graveside will be cherished for years to come, so don't let the fear of being "morbid" stop you from taking pictures that matter to you.

You mentioned on my blog that you have a cold... I wanted to send you some "get well soon" wishes. Take care, okay?