Sunday, July 27, 2008

Patrick's xbox died suddenly yesterday. Yah, the one that he just bought off of ebay, that we used for a total of one day. Why, you ask, did we need to buy an xbox off ebay? Oh, because the xbox he had just before that died as well. Yeah, some really great luck there. And we figured we'd better purchase another one to be able to actually use all the expensive games and equipment we have, so we made the trip to Best Buy today to buy a brand new one. Man, electronics are so ridiculously expensive, and always being updated, so you just have to keep spending and spending to keep up with the latest trends. At least this one is insured for 2 years, since Patrick has learned his lesson by now. And now we can drum our little hearts out!

Aside from that, I'm still sick, really ick, but trying to go with the flow. Yesterday we had supper with Pat's family and played Cranium, which is always a fun time. Pat was uber competitive and got frustrated at me for being so slow with some answers (such as not remembering David Suzuki's name among other brain farts), but we actually did quite well in the end. I love that game and it always brings about many laughs. I even got to put my English minor to use for once by knowing the definition of the word "cuckold" - man I was so smart for the 5 seconds that it lasted.

Today we had a nice dinner with my parents, and I subjected Patrick to nearly a full hour of home videos - me in all my 4 and a half year-old glory. Now that's some pretty entertaining stuff I tell ya! So much so that Patrick fell asleep on my lap, haha! I was one bossy little feist-ball back then, shouting orders at people, singing songs, telling my brother what to do, and eating constantly. Wonder what that says about the type of kids we'll have one day...

Well, I'm off to take a nice relaxing bath. Cheers.

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Jessica said...

Still sick! I really hope you get bet soon, hopefully when the sun comes out.

I would call the xbox company and yell at them! Don't tell them you bought it on ebay though!