Sunday, July 20, 2008

New pages for your viewing pleasure!

Also, I added a link to Jon's website so you can go check out the highly entertaining work that he does. Click on the head in the tree to see his videos. Please be warned, he uses a LOT of swearing and some of his topics can be considered offensive (even though he's really only making fun of things).

Last night we watched this movie, which was pretty good for what it was, a light-hearted comedy/romance/action. (I've debated posting about all the movies we watch but then it might be really obvious that we are big losers who watch WAY too many movies). Although McConaughey is fairly attractive (if you don't take into consideration his side profile), I just kept thinking how much more "wow" the movie would have had if they had only cast Josh Holloway in this role. I mean, come on, it would have been perfect for him!! Oh my sweet Sawyer, how I miss you on prime time and how torturous it is for me to wait so long to see you again... sniff, sniff....

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Claude said...

Thanks for the link to Jon's website!