Friday, July 4, 2008

Patrick is having a "boy's night out" with Dave - they're off to an Alhouette's game, leaving me all alone to complete projects, which are mostly scrap related. I made a sketch book to store all my loose sketches in one place. The loose sheets were really getting out of hand, and needed to be organized.

I came up with this solution. It was a pain to have to take the covers and papers all off the binding and then put them back on, as was cutting and gluing the many sketches and sorting them into categories. But it's done now and I can just put sketches in here right away now, instead of shoving them into my drawer and letting them pile up.

I'm also going to decorate juice cans with paper - they're becoming my new pen holders. I seem to be wanting to change a lot in the decor department lately. I also have the huge urge to re-do my room. You see, our dishwasher leaked water through the floor and in through the ceiling of my room. It damaged the paint and plaster in one corner, and make my shelves swell up - they look really bad, but you can't really notice unless you know it's there. However, this event has made me realize that I haven't updated my room for over 6 years, and I am dying to do repaint it and rearrange everything. I want new furniture, new paint, new art work, etc. It probably won't happen - I'm just dreaming. It would also be stupid to start any projects now considering that I will most likley be moving out within a year or two. But I still have that urge! I really want to get new bedroom furniture that I can eventually bring with me to my new place. But my room is so small that it's next to impossible to fit a whole set in here. So I will just let it play out as a fantasy and focus my efforts on things that are actually doable right now, like scrap-related projects.

Also: Yay, I don't have to work this weekend, or any weekend until the end of August thanks to many banked vacation hours at the library!!

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