Monday, December 6, 2010

in december drinking horchata

I've been waiting all year to use that line. But I have yet to actually try horchata. All in good time my friends.

This evening it is snowing; snow-storming. I just shoveled the driveway and it felt good, although my back was a little stiff. I am hoping, fingers crossed, that enough white powder will accumulate to cause a snow day tomorrow. That would make me very, very happy. It is not very likely, but there is a chance. And if it means catching up on the sleep that I lost last night due to a pressure headache, I would gladly take it.

I have been writing letters to my students this evening, pretending to be Santa. Last year we sent out a batch and Canada Post totally butchered my students' names and gave them all generic copies - literally one-liners written in broken English. Teacher was not impressed. This year, my students had six-graders scribe their letters for them, so they are way more detailed and I have responded to them in detail. I am surprised by how amused it made me. I could bribe them pretending to be Santa, and make up stories about elf amusements parks and such. It's great. I hope they will get a kick out of it.

In other news, my good friends Alex and Ryan welcomed their bundle of joy into the world on December 1st. They named him Everett and he is so very precious. We met him yesterday and it felt surreal to hold an infant. Amazing, really. I took lots of pictures but I will wait for his mom to share on facebook and give the okay before I share on here.

We also started decorating the tree on the weekend while watching Home Alone. Those two factors combined have finally put me into the holiday spirit. I love putting up the tree and leafing through my box of ornaments that all have special stories and memories. This is possibly the last Christmas that I celebrate "at home", meaning at my parents' house, because if all goes as planned, Patrick and I will be settled into our home at this time next year. I'm trying to appreciate all the little things, the traditions associated with this season. I've also been inspired to craft. I am making a pom-pom wreath, and although it is a long process, it is very addictive. Here is where I found the inspiration and go this fab picture. Mine will be similar, I hope, except that I chose two shades of turquoise and purple. It's more challenging than you'd think to level off the poms but I think I'm starting to get the hang of it!

Well enjoy the rest of your week! Cheers.

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Mom is okay with you sharing some photos :)