Friday, December 31, 2010

scrapbooking reflections on a year gone by...

It's the last day of the year. How is that even possible?! Time really flies. The fun thing about blogging and scrapbooking is that I can take a trip back in time whenever I want. It helps me build my time-line when reflection gets a bit blurry (which is often).

I scrapbooked last night and felt elated. The so-called mojo has returned, apparently, to the point where I feel like scrapbooking all day long today, which is unlikely to actually happen, but hey, a girl can fantasize. Maybe this sudden need to scrap is due to the fact that I realized that I have so many pictures for 2010, so many stories, and barely anything to show for it. Okay, maybe that's not quite true. Let me do a tally...

1 Mini-album completed (Trip out West)
2 Mini-albums started (Sweden - okay, barely; Bahamas - about half-way there)
21 Digital pages (many of which never saw this blog because I didn't like them)
14 Paper pages (none of which I have properly photographed or shared on the blog, ooops)

Not terrible. Mediocre, overall. I just wish that I didn't dislike so many of them. There are so many times when I felt like I was pushing things around on the page and then settling. The wow factor was lacking. And that's always why I become uninspired and unmotivated and end up leaving a huge mess on my scrap table only to be tackled weeks later. My seeming inability to take any decent pictures of layouts also needs improvement! Seems like a few resolutions are percolating here.


Well I just took a quick break to take some photos of layouts. It's a cloudy day, the light is not right, but I will make due. I can never take nice pictures of layouts - don't know what I'm doing wrong but will have to investigate. Lessons on how to use my camera to it's full potential would also come in handy here. That aside, and keeping in mind that the story is more important, here is the layout I made to summarize our year.

We are going to Pat's dad's place to welcome the new year. We are breaking our tradition for the first time in many years. We usually spend the evening with friends, but seeing as I am super sick (again - pitiful, no?) I wouldn't want to pass on the cold to Everett. I hope I won't fall asleep before midnight!

I may be back with some more year-in-review type posts if time permits. I wanted to make a list of movies, music, blogs and books that I have enjoyed this year.

Happy New Year everyone :)

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