Monday, December 27, 2010

Post 25th

The "big day" has come and gone for another year. It always seems to leave me in a daze, wondering how soooo much excitement and build-up can pass by so quickly. Left-overs are in piled in the fridge, boxes are piled on the basement floor. Santa, aka Mom, over-indulged yet again. To the point where I feel almost guilty for the amount of consumerism we succumb to during the holiday season. It's too much, really - I'm almost embarrassed. I feel like next year we should go the minimal route, like one gift each, max, or opt for home-made gifts only. But I am not here to complain. We are lucky to be able to give and receive. And that we did. And so here is a quick summary.

Pat and I got a lot of joint gifts from the family: an ottoman for our future bedroom, a coffee machine, a spice rack, the Magic Bullet, a set of knives, various utensils, a wok, and a Kitchen-Aid standing blender (so exciting!). See, I told you, we are overly spoiled. I am probably even missing a few items.

I got Patrick.... drum roll ... an autographed Habs jersey! My mom takes a spinning class with Gionta's wife and she asked if she wouldn't mind getting him to sign them. She said no prob. My brother got one too. Needless to say, they were two extremely happy campers. The only hitch was that on Christmas Eve, my brother got a Canadiens t-shirt from my grandmother, and as he was opening it, my dad asked if it was the signed one, thus ruining the "big" surprise that was only supposed to come Christmas morning. Patrick decided to open his gift right away, but my brother insisted he was going to open his the next morning only.

Pat also got some tools, other Habs stuff, and a glass tea pot so we can use our pretty flower herbal teas and watch them "blossom" as they brew. Now we just need a proper kettle...

Pat got me some Prada sunglasses and jewelery that come from a pretty turquoise box ;) Incredibly spoiled.

Anyways, more to come at a later date... If I don't get out of blog world soon I will not be productive at all today. I have some gifts that I need to return/exchange (wrong items and things that didn't fit people properly, sigh). I also want to find some ornaments on extreme liquidation since next year I will be decorating my very own tree!!

Hope your Christmas was special :)

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