Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Eve Eve

The countdown is on! I am starting to feel the magic, mostly because my mom is home and baking up a storm. If it weren't for all the effort she puts in, I think Christmas would skip our house altogether, seeing as how the male half of our family could not be bothered. But I will not let the grinchy attitudes of some get me down. At least my man is really into it. He bakes with us, he is the perfect gift giver, he helps wrap and put up decorations, he lets me read him the Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve, and he wears the Christmas pyjamas I bought him a few years ago. I guess I can't ask for much more in that department.

Oh, he even helped me to make snowflakes... We got a little carried away with that once we learned the technique to the 6-point star. It's really addictive. Plus, I just discovered an app called Snodoodle that lets you test out designs on your phone... pretty awesome!

Today I am putting together last-minute touches on home-made gifts, wrapping, cleaning and hopefully working out. Our tradition is going to be modified this year since we will be eating Christmas dinner at Cindy's and Jason's place rather than eating here with my family. Instead my family will have our turkey dinner tomorrow. I think this is a good compromise, and it will mean that Pat and I can more fully enjoy festivities with both families instead of the back and forth game, feeling guilty and rushed.

This year I am way more excited about giving gifts than receiving. I can't wait to see the look on everyones' faces when they open their gifts. I can't wait for Pat to open his gift - I anticipate he will freak out, it's that good.

I hope Santa is good to you all. Cheers.

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