Friday, November 26, 2010


listening: to an old playlist I made and I'm loving it (anyone else but you is playing right now)
eating: just had oatmeal with peach yogurt and raisins
drinking: just finished an extra large coffee; two creams, two teaspoons of Splenda
wearing: jeans, Roxy shirt with hearts and pink slippers
feeling: inspired (to do something creative today) and hopefully productive (to finish up my report cards and portfolios)
weather: freezing rain (yuck) but some white sunlight is shining through the clouds
wanting: to re-do my blog design. I'm so bored with it.
needing: to fold laundry
thinking: hmmm, maybe I should go in to work in my classroom a bit? (it's a ped day/convention day, so a lot of coming and going)
enjoying: my teacher friends. Clarissa, Jill, Jackie, Audrey, Cindy - you girls rock. Thank you for making work not feel like work. (And Stacy, I miss you sooooo much)
wondering: when will it snow? when will Alex have her baby?!

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Nathalie said...

Just wanted to say: have you seen that those shoes are gone? LOL Have a great weekend!