Wednesday, October 6, 2010

one of those days

it's one of those days. one of those no good, very bad days. and i am in no mood for capitals. it started with wanting to cling to covers for sleep, then led to trying on literally ten or more outfits, in complete slow motion, before settling on hoodie and jeans, something to give me some cozy feelings at least. i needed an extra large coffee and drank it all. i was late. i was rushing to pack things for school projects. i had to bring an iron to make wax place mats with my students, and stupidly put it sideways into my bag. about ten minutes later, i discovered a giant puddle on my front bench, right when i was ready to leave. it was the water from the iron, duh, which had soaked all my notebooks and the edges of three library books. great.

i got to work with five minutes, not even, to spare. i realized i had forgotten the leaves for the place mats, which just happens to be the main focus of the art project. needed to improvise all day long. and i won't even get started about the behavior of my class today. they were way, way off, to put it nicely. soooo very draining. some days i feel like i can barely hear myself.

at lunch, the monitor showed up late, so i had to rush to my doctor's appointment (yup, i scheduled it at lunch time so i didn't have to miss work). i waited for 45 minutes and there were STILL three people in front of me - absolutely ridiculous. i had to reschedule my appointment yet again, now pushed to late November. i might as well just not see her at all.

i am so happy to just be in my bedroom now, listening to music and browsing websites and blogs i love. i am in major need of downtime. i am so thankful for my lovely teacher friends - Audrey, Clarissa - for listening and understanding. at least we are all in it together, and it's a big pick-me-up.

i am too tired to workout and have zero motivation, so trying not to feel guilty about that. i will scrapbook instead. i will hope for a much better day tomorrow. i am soooooo looking forward to the long weekend. it's like the best thing i've ever heard right now.

don't worry, being with this guy will make it all better.

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Anonymous said...

Did you wear two of the same shoes at least? lol!