Tuesday, October 26, 2010

to keep on the Halloween theme...

I never really got around to documenting last year's costumes. We went for humor last year. We scoped out our wardrobes at Village des Valeurs, and they came together quite nicely with a little creativity, a fabulous wig, and some pillow-padding. I think we pulled it off. The shock-value is definitely there last year as well. Our friends thought we were crazy, but we thought it was sooo funny. Thanks for capturing these shots Alex!

With Halloween coming up, I figured it was about time to scrapbook these photos. So here you have it... yes, we are nuts. The expressions on Pat's face are really too much. He got right into his role as you can see.

I'm kinda inspired to make a book of all Halloweens past. My mom was talking about all the costumes she's made for us over the years, and all the baking and parties she threw for us. I remember some of them, but not all. She was so crafty for her time, before blogs, before scrapbooking, before it was the "in" thing to do. I'm grateful for all that she did for us when we were growing up. She is so creative. Maybe I can dig out the old boxes full of photos and see what I can do. It might be a nice Christmas present.

Anyways.... I'm going on a field trip tomorrow, wish me loads of energy and patience!

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Barb said...

Hey, I hope your field trip is going okay!!

And those photos are priceless. I am giggling here in my cubicle at work. ;)

I do hope you'll get out some of your older photos to scrap. Your mom sounds like she was a crafter ahead of her time. I guess you inherited your talent from her! :)