Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Only Tuesday?

Greetings all. I'm in need of a little pick-me-up, so figured I'd spruce up the blog front with this digi page I made on the weekend. I used a mix of products on here, some from this cool blog, twelvebytwelve designs, which has free (and super nice) kits. Other bits were freebies from 2peas I think.

Anyways, these sneakers have been hanging from a telephone wire near my house for the longest time, and they just get me every time, don't ask why! They make me think of happy things. So there. No other reason.

I am tired, but happy I'm not as sick anymore. I am hangin' in there until the weekend. I am dreaming of Friday. The behavior of my students often feels like a roulette spin, you just never know where it will land... I can't seem to figure out what makes them tick, and it's really getting under my skin. It's a challenge, epseically since last year, though I did have a few behavior cases, they were really mellow compared to some I have this year. It can be very draining at times, but I am trying to be flexible and think of positive solutions. We'll see. One day up, one day down. What can I say?

Other than that, Patrick and are hard at work on our Halloween costumes. We are gonna "rock the party" this weekend. That was a hint by the way, a very vague hint, at the genius behind the design this year...
Cheers maties


Barb said...

Hang in there with your class... I'm sure everyone will settle into their routines soon enough. My 10 year old is just starting to get comfortable. *sigh*

Great digital layout you shared! Are you 100% digi now?

Jessica said...

I thought it was a 'real' page! haha

rocky horror costumes?

Nathalie said...

Too funny Ash! I keep seeing those shoes everytime I go back home through that street and I keep wondering how they got there in the first place and if anyone will take them down eventually! LOL Hang in there with your class. I'm sure that by Christmas time you'll have figured them out. :)

Anonymous said...

Love that page! By the way... remind me to tell you what the shoe thing means the next time I see you :)