Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween Celebrations Begin

Checking in on an "off" weekend, meaning no work at the library. I have had two days off and it always surprises me just how much I needed them. To sleep in until 9:30, even 10 am, is sooo lovely when you're used to your dreams being interrupted at 6:15. I still can't get adjusted to the earlier school schedule. I hate waking up in complete darkness and fumbling around. I need scolding hot water and extra large coffee and design shows to wake me up and get the happy thoughts flowing.

But I digress.

The real point of this blog entry was to say that we went to a Halloween party last night and it was so much fun. Our costumes were a hit, although very uncomfortable to do anything in!

Yup, so we went all out and made these babies from scratch. We used boxes and covered them with housing insulation, and dryer vents for the arms and legs. We were pretty happy with how they turned out, especially after all the time and effort we put into them. We couldn't stop laughing once we got them on and walked out to show Cindy and Jason. It was worth it, even though we only wore them for about 2 hours, max. I will most likely make a scrappy page soon of the entire event, since I am in a groove lately.

PS - they were based on this. Love me some Flight of the Conchords.
Hope your weekend was fun!


Jessica said...

Awesome costumes!!

Nathalie said...

Way cool costumes!!! :)