Saturday, May 3, 2008

So it's National Scrapbooking Day, and I'm not celebrating (shocking isn't it?). The reason is two-fold. First, I'm working today. Second, we're celebrating my mom's birthday this evening. I'm a bit disappointed, but then again, I don't think I would have been very productive there. I would have liked to meet some online friends in person, however. I hope you all have a great time!

I've been coming down with something the past few days, no doubt contracted from being around so many children. It hasn't become full blown and I'm trying to mentally override it. I'm just low energy, and this morning in particular, I don't feel much like working out. I really should. I may. But perhaps making a scrapbooking layout before work would be better?! We shall see. I think because there is no sunlight streaming through my basement window, I have less motivation. It sounds silly, but it really does play some part in my mood.

My first evaluation on stage went well. It's intimidating to have someone observing from the back of the room. I became much more self-conscious and constantly felt that I needed to take more control to show that I'm not letting Tania take the full load. It's tricky when you're team-teaching. Of course we both know that we are sharing responsibility and we work well together, but we were both worried that he may not perceive it that way. Thankfully, however, he had only positive things to say and thought that we complimented each other very well. He even said that it was okay if we did our second evaluation together, so heck yes, I'm all about less pressure. We're going to come up with some amazingly fun science lesson that somehow incorporates a potion from the Harry Potter novel they've been reading. We just have to put on our thinking caps between now and next Wednesday.

Last night Patrick and I went out for supper with Julie and Ken since Julie and I had a craving for Leo's cheese pizza - yum. The biatch waitress wasn't there, thankfully, but "our" waitress, the nicest waitress ever, was. It was a nice time, and Julie quite entertained us while imitating one of the boys she was teaching. Afterwards, Pat and I watched "Gone Baby Gone" and I was pleasantly impressed by it. It had lots of twists, and the ending was so powerful. It brought up lots of huge questions about the grey zones in life... you should check it out if you haven't already.

Anyways, time to go. But I shall post some newish pages to celebrate NSD.

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