Friday, May 23, 2008

Well I'm sick AGAIN!! I blame it on the germ-infested children that I am constantly surrounded by. I've had a massive headache for the past 24 hours, a sore throat, and overall, I just feel like crap. I hate it because it's my weekend off of work and I wanted to be outside doing all kinds of fun things, but it looks like I will be keeping it on the down low for the next little while until I get better.

What an exciting morning I had going through old bills, bank statements, and pay slips (some from 2001, hello, what the heck do I still have them for?). I shredded most of the them, and then organized my new file folder with labels. It feels good to have a place for everything, but at the same time it almost seems like nothing was accomplished. I had so much stuff compacted in one area that I managed to fill an entire garbage bag, and yet my room still looks exactly the same as it did before. Ah, the joys of not yet owning your own home and having to hoard everything that belongs to you in such a tiny space...

I subbed in Kindergarten yesterday, and surprisingly didn't LOVE it the way I thought I would. Yes, it was fun, but I was overwhelmed by the neediness of the group, who would not stop with their "Miss Ashley's" every five seconds, and I'm not even exaggerating! I'm having second thoughts about whether I'd really prefer teaching younger grades. I know I shouldn't base my decision on one experience alone, plus I was feeling under the weather, so I will hold judgement and see what it's like when I'm on stage. It's not like I will get to choose which grade I'll have anyways, so I guess in the end it's futile even thinking about it.

I've been wanting to scrap lately but find that I have a shortage of good pictures. I need to plan some photo-shoots or force myself to use older pictures. I'm also continuously overcome with the urge to go shopping, but then I look at how many supplies I actually have, and I feel guilty even fantasizing about it. I mean, come on, let's try to make a tiny dent in the ridiculous stash I have just sitting there! There are certain items that I do need, like card stock and adhesive, but I can't really justify a trip to the West Island only for those items. Maybe I will have to go to Omer DeSerres, but they never really have what I'm looking for. Oh, the dilemmas of a scrapbooker!

Alright, enough rambling. Here's a layout I made last weekend:


Jessica said...

Poor you! I hope you feel better.
I know exactly what you mean about having to keep everything you own in a small room!

Jessica said...
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barb said...

Man, it's no fun being sick. I hope you're better by now.

And I know what you mean about the kindergartners... they are so darned cute and so unconditionally accepting, but yes, they ARE needy. I think that's part of their charm, but I don't know how kindergarten teachers do it. Seriously. It's hard work. Oh well, like you said, it was one experience. Take your time deciding... I'm sure you'll find your comfort zone and your passion.

Btw, speaking of kindergartners and working as a librarian... that's what my Sr. Kindergarten kid wants to be when he grows up. How cute is that? :D