Sunday, May 18, 2008

It's been a busy week, with work at three different places (daycare, subbing and library) and taking care of my dad since he's still not very well. We're trying to ween him off his muscle spasm medication right now to see if it's that what's caused him all this. However, it's still very possible that there is depression and anxiety combined with it. The doctor and pharmacist both agreed that it was better to get him off these pills first, however, before starting more pills and possibly complicating things further. He's been in slightly better spirits, but still is very weak and tired, and hence doesn't feel like doing much. It's hard to see him in this state - he's not himself. I can't wait until he starts to feel better. We try our best to keep him busy, but it's when he's alone that it's pretty rough and he gets very down and lonely. It's all part of the adjustment period after a stroke, I know, but still... some days I just can't even believe that all this has happened - it really feels surreal. I try my best to keep positive and hope for better days. I also relish in the small pleasures of daily life. I am definitely learning how to be patient and trying my best to be mature, strong, and so forth. One day at a time.

I scrapbooked a bit this morning - it's been ages since I've made a page. It feels good to get back into it. I've found this new site called picnik that allows you to edit photos online and then download them to your computer. I simple love it! I think one of the reasons I wasn't scrapping much, aside from all the craziness going on, was because I wasn't inspired by any of my photos. Well, this site is helping me make even crappy photos look good.

Patrick's sister Cindy is finally graduating from Cegep and we went to see a show at her school the other night. It was a compilation of all the best videos made by students in the Creative Arts program. Her video was the best by far!! It was an Barbie animation/comedy where Barbie discovers, to her horror, that Ken doesn't have a real "package". The whole audience was dying of laughter the entire time, and then they burst into frantic applause at the end. I wish I could post it here but I think she would lose the rights to the video in that case (since she had to take it off YouTube for that reason).

Aside from that, Patrick and I lugged the entire RockBand game over to my house last night in the hopes that it would inspire my parents, my dad in particular, to have a fun time and to do something together. They tried a few songs and they seemed to like it, but it was a little too hard for them and they gave up! Pat and I sang/drummed/guitared our little hearts out nonetheless, but it was an extremely aggrivating ordeal since the x-box is having issues and it keeps giving Pat the red light of death. So before we play, he always has to overheat it, then stick it in the freezer. I'm telling you, the man's a technical godsend and I have no clue how the hell he's able to fix all these intricate machines simply by researching tips on the Internet. Thank you babe, I really appreciate all your effort.

Anyways, I'm off to eat very shortly. Here's a pic of Patrick that I edited using the site I mentioned. Take care!

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Jessica said...

NIce picture, Ill have to check out the site.

X-box in the freezer, theres something new!