Thursday, May 8, 2008

Tags, tags and more tags! That's because I'm making them for every single student in "my" class, since tomorrow is the last day I'm there. I wanted to individualize them, so needless to say it's taking a rather long time. I have yet to write special messages to each student. Tania is baking them cupcakes, so once we put everything together, I think they're in for a nice surprise.

A new episode of Lost tonight is one thing to look forward to. There wasn't enough Sawyer last week, so let's hope for some of that tonight. I also want more details about these new "others" from the boat.

In other news, well, there are some difficult things to deal with on the home front. I won't go into much detail, but my dad is experiencing depression and anxiety lately. Apparently there's a 50% chance that stroke victims will have this, so it's quite normal. We're just hoping that he starts feeling better soon because it can sometimes be very overwhelming for everyone, especially when he's having feelings of worthlessness and worrying about everything imaginable under the sun. The doctor has prescribed him some pills, so we're hoping that will help. I was apprehensive at first, but after a certain point, it was just too much and we all decided that he needed that extra little push to overcome it. We'll see how it goes - I'm really hoping for the best.

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Jessica said...

Im sorry to hear about your dad, Im sure in time he will feel back to normal.
Your students will love the tags! Do you have another stage now?