Monday, February 18, 2008

Well, as stated a few weeks ago, my workouts have been very slack lately. I've allowed myself to consider the walk up the hill my cardio, since the entire month of January was just too crazy and I couldn't hack doing anything more. I also did a lot of shoveling, and worked my arms and butt twice a week (when I could, although it was less than I like to admit). I also kept falling back on the excuse that I was constantly getting sick, which led me to back out of many grueling workouts.

But it's time to stop making excuses!

I've noticed a few extra pounds over the weekend, and that, coupled with the fact that insomnia had me glued to the P90x infomercial last night, has sparked something in my brain, and today my body is responding. This morning I did the legs and back routine, and couldn't get over how freakin' hard it was! I only stopped doing the videos for a month and a half, and BAM! It's amazing how fast you lose it. Anyways, I apologize to you Mr. Callender, my workout muse and long-lost instructor. Hopefully I have appeased you with my hard work this morning.

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