Friday, February 15, 2008

I'm up earlier than I normally would be on Friday because I'm supposed to be studying for the dreaded Math test this afternoon... except that it's just more fun to blog! And if I do any more of the online practice quizzes, I think my brain will turn to mush.

There is A LOT of school stuff due this semester. Lots of final projects and group projects, most of which I haven't even started yet, which perpetually worries me. I just don't have time to start them all at the moment because I'm busy doing other little assignments that are due. So annoying!! I really hope that next semester I will be able to take part in the Dillon project - a four month stage where you actually arrive in the classroom end of August, before the students get there, and you co-teach, or in some cases fully teach, and pretty much learn the ropes and get your foot in the door. There is a chance, if we are enough people, that a few schools will be added to the South Shore. I really hope that happens, because I think it would be a great experience and I would much rather be doing that than walking this everyday:

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Jessica said...

hahaha I like how you ended that!
winter sucks.
go study! maybe I should too...