Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I'm drooling over ALL of this. I can't wait to get my hands on it. Such eye candy, seriously. I love Basic Grey (but not so much the Two Scoops line).

In other news, my car is having problems again. Two weeks ago I had to bring it in for a few problems, and the mechanic said he thought it was the transmission. However, he ran some tests and cleaned some stuff (my car knowledge is very limited as you can see), and said that it might be okay. So I drove around for 2 weeks thinking all was good, until that menacing little check engine light popped on today. ARRGH!! Looks like I might have to fork out next to a grand for all the repairs. Or I just drive it around till it dies, but that's not a very safe or responsible option.

My school responsiblities are picking up big time at the moment, and I'm dreading all the projects I have to hand in the upcoming weeks. Thank God we have a "reading" week soon.

Well, time for me to go cuddle with my boyfriend while he finishes watching hockey. At least they are winning so he'll be happy! To me the players are really just little blobs moving back and forth on a screen. My brain just shuts off- doesn't want to process it AT ALL. But I do know some players' names, and I know the rules of the game, so I guess I'm not too shameful (right Pat???).

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Jules said...

Oh wow those look great, I wasn't a fan of the two scoops either it was very baby like.....