Friday, September 28, 2007

Wow I'm behind on keeping my blog updated!! But since nobody ever reads it anyways ;) it shouldn't matter so much (leave me comments you lurkers!).

I've been doing these P90X dvds, ever heard of them? Wow, will those ever kick your butt into shape. The idea is that over a 90 day period, you will become as fit as you've ever been. The workouts are really intense, but there is a lot of variety (different weight routines, yoga, cardio, kempo, core, plyometrics, etc) - so it's designed in such a way that you will never plateau. It's pretty darn intense, but it's really good. The guy is really quirky and entertaining as well, so that helps. There's also a food guide and a schedule telling you the order you're supposed to do them in, although I'm not following those perfectly... Still, I think I will see results.

School has been so-so. Lots of little annoying projects and group work (what Education is famous for - oh that that annoying hill to walk up). Besides that, not much to say about the subject.

I'm super excited for this weekend!!!!! I don't work at the library, YAHOO (as Hiro would say). Tonight we're going out for supper at a classy Italien restaurant downtown with Danny and Cinzia. Tomorrow I'm going to shop in Burlington with my parents and Julie, and maybe Patrick. So fun!!!! I can't wait. It's so nice to have 3 days off in a row!

I'll leave you with some photos we took almost 2 weeks ago now, when Pat and I went for a hike at Mont St-Hilaire. I downloaded these photo frames off 2peas, aren't they fun?! (I was inspired to do so by Josie - thanks!)

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Pat said...

Awsome post.
Lots of love here!
Keep up the good work!
Your Secret Lover