Thursday, September 6, 2007

It is so hard to be back to the daily grind

I am simply exhausted being back at school... I forgot how much I despise the god-forsaken "Education" hill. Yes, I have to practically hike the last 5 minutes of my brisk 25 minute walk to school - try it with a 15 pound laptop in your bag 4 days a week. It's peachy. And it's not even winter yet. arrgh! It depresses me to know that we're only the first week into the semester and I'm already fed up. I guess that's what happens when you're entering your 5th freakin' year of University... so, so depressing (NO, I didn't flunk out or anything of the sort. For those of you who don't know, I already have a BA in Psychology but am now in my second year of Education).

I haven't even been to 2 of my classes yet but know that I will hate them just from reading the course outlines over the Internet. In one class we were required to read an entire chapter and DO about 50 Math exercises before even going to class. HAHAHA. Let's just say that's not happening.

And I haven't even vented about the bookstore. I won't. I already sound like a disgruntled biatch.

The only things making me happy right now are 1. My amazing boyfriend 2.the wonderful hobby of scrapbooking and 3. Rome Season 2

Alright, enough venting for today. Must go pick up my lover like no other. Cheers

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