Friday, October 5, 2007

Today is a Friday so I am happy (even though I have school and have to work this weekend). Fridays always have that feel of freedom and escape, so that is why I like them. Presently I am spending time on the Internet instead of working out and then practicing Math problems. My back injury is really acting up today, so I don't know how much of a good workout I'd even be able to have. I might scrap it altogether, although I know I should try to do something.

Today I thought I'd share some insights with you. They are not my own, but my boyfriend's. I think he is a wonderful, philosphic writer. We had this deal where we were to write a thought/observation/insight/whatever every day for 1 month, and then at the end of the month, we would share them with each other. So yesterday I received all of his thoughts in one big email attachment. (I'll be honest, I wasn't as loyal to the task as he was. I missed many days - sorry Pat!). So here are some of his uplifting thoughts:

If you can read, then write
If you can hear, then speak
If you can feel, then touch
Never limit the ways you can say I love you

If you can’t do a good action voluntarily for yourself or others in a given moment, then pretend you are someone who can. In the end it doesn’t matter how you come to achieve positive things; those you influence will never know the difference.

One coherent thought destroys absolute entropy. If a doorway of escape appears in a maze of absolute self destructiveness, please take it. Some things are not worth second guessing.

Why do we tell others that what we do so easily is easy? Is that not ignorance of everyone’s uniqueness?

If you choose to walk your own path without shoes or socks, do not be so quick to run, or you will step on the shards of others' broken dreams, and will be forced to live their pain as your own.

Pretend to smile and you will soon forget you are pretending.

If a monk is forced to live in the city, by his own means, can he still feel the same peace of mind as in the monastery?

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