Friday, November 7, 2008

I made a mosaic for the photos I took during the month of October. I kinda slipped up towards the end of the month, but since I took a lot of photos each day before that, it evened out. It's fun to look at them side by side.

I got my snow tires taken care of this afternoon, so that's one more thing to check off the to-do list. I had some time to scrapbook this evening while Patrick watched hockey (that's the deal we've got going). I seem to be more inspired when I have him in my presence. I will hope for a sunny day tomorrow so I can take photos of my new layouts and post them.

I still need to buy a new keyboard since the enter key is still stiff, and it's getting super annoying!

Also, I'm sick again - first it was a soar throat, now sniffles, sneezing, and raspy voice. I'm hoping to take it easy this weekend and fight it off. Why hasn't my immune system built itself up yet? I've been exposed to kids and germs for long enough, you'd think it'd be a lot better by now...

Alright, time to go read under the covers.


barb said...

What wonderful photos you've taken... I love the mosaic you made!

Hopefully you've had a peaceful weekend, and you're feeling a bit better.

Ruth said...

Your mosiac looks great,you took some great pictures.
Looking forward to seeing your layouts and hopw you are feeling better.