Saturday, November 29, 2008

I have short hair and bangs now! gasp! I would have got a photo last night when it was nice and purty but Pat's camera died before I got a decent shot. Now I have bed-head, which will need to be fixed before I show a picture... and I'm not sure how I will reproduce what my hairdresser did, but I will try my best.

I am presently procrastinating from writing a paper (can one procrastinate from? not sure if that's a correct expression, but you get the gist). I am not in paper-writing mode; I am in lesson-planning mode. Making the switch is not very easy. But I will need to do it by 5 pm on Tuesday, because that's when it's due.

The kids were adorable yesterday (for the most part). They were helping each other practice their power words (high frequency words) and they were all into it and being really supportive. I was actually getting teary-eyed to watch (I know, I'm such a sap...). We also started this project where they write a letter to their parents every Thursday afternoon, and then the parents have to write back to them as part of what we've called "parents homework", which is a kick for them. It was really touching to read the exchanges. I think it's a great idea, and of course being a scrapbooker makes me more aware of how important little gems of writing like that really are. It's arranged in a writing workbook, so we'll be able to see the progress over time. All in all, a really nice activity all-around that I will definitely use in the future.

Alright, paper, here I come. Wish me luck. I will post photos later. Cheers!

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