Sunday, November 2, 2008

Gaining one hour of time this weekend is a beautiful thing. I was up and doing cardio at 8:30 this morning, and now I'm all ready for the day way before schedule, which means that I have time to update my blog and take some photos of layouts and cards. Here's a quick layout I made quite a while ago now, about when Patrick and I went to New York over six years ago. I never scrapped anything about this trip before because I thought the pictures were all crap. But finally I decided to crop some down and I actually really like the way it came out.

Here's another older layout about the Oasis concert. I can't seem to photograph it well because the photos themselves are quite dark and the color is off. But you get the idea. I have so much crammed onto this page that I actually had to do some journaling on the back as well. The writing is only in pencil at the moment, and I wish I could just leave it like that because I actually like the effect, but it won't last over time. It's going to be a lot of work going over all that writing in pen and I'm dreading it, but I should eventually get to it. I adore the first picture of Liam - it melts my heart. I didn't take it myself - it's from a photographer who was at the show, but unfortunately I can't remember the name at the moment.

I have to work at the library today, but I'm hoping that everyone will be out enjoying the great weather, and not concerning themselves with borrowing or returning books. Quiet, peaceful afternoon with no obnoxious customers, please. That is what I'm envisioning right now.

Halloween was pretty fun in a grade one classroom. We dressed up after lunch and the kids were super excited. We danced, played games, and ate cupcakes, cookies, chips and popcorn. My CT wasn't there, but the substitute was pretty on top of things, so it turned out fine. After that party, I went to visit the daycare because it's already been two weeks and I miss them immensely. Thankfully they all still remembered me. It is so rewarding to be greeted with "A-ley" or "Lee" from two year-olds. Apparently, all the parents really appreciated the scrapbook that I put together with the kids, about things they did on their summer vacation. Some parents were touched and impressed that I wrote down exactly what the kids told me, cute mistakes and all. I guess it's not something that comes naturally to everyone, so hopefully it will encourage parents to record their children's quirky sayings and document all the little moments. It's very fulfilling to know that you have made a small impact on peoples' lives like that.

So I promised I would post a few Halloween pics from the party. Truth be told, they are all crap quality - dark and grainy. But whatever! I'll post some, but I haven't finished editing all of them. I really hope Julie's came out better so we can swap. Here's the "d**k in a box" duo. Pat super-sized it a little. Ryan has the "official" box, don't ask where he bought that from, I'm really not sure, probably some weird Internet site.

Yesterday I took a trip to the scrapbooking store to stock up on some goodies. The discount side was 70% off, so I was able to get some MM stamps and a heart-shaped chipboard album. I even got some free stuff because of the sale, which happened to be some older Basic Grey paper, score! Anyways, I'm gonna go play with that right now before work. Cheers.


Jessica said...

Let's see your costume!

Ruth said...

Nice to see an update from you and some pages :)

I made use of my extra hour by laying in bed,yours was much better invested !!

Yes,where's apicture of you from the party ?

barb said...

Eeeeek! Someone needs to put a warning up that it's an X-rated blog post! lol. Cute costumes the boys wore! :P

I've gotta add... I LOVE LOVE LOVE the style of your latest LOs. It's a very cool way of getting lots of pics onto a page... and it's fresh and fun and funky, much like you are. :)